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-More Machine than Man- 


Verse 1 

Once again the future is beginning to fade 

Another lonely future appears 

All this time I watch my family slipping away  

and this time it's ticking 200 years 

Sometimes I think it's all in my mind 

But I can't be the only one 

Who’ll die trying to reconcile  

all of the automatic weapons  

everybody becomes 



Have I done everything I can 

Are all these gears and gauges  

part of a bigger plan 

Or am I more machine than man 


 Verse 2 

I try and tell myself  

it's me who gets to decide  

to run around the rules that were set 

But in the end all that's ever waiting for me  

Is a predetermined pain and regret 

Nobody wants to watch the love of their life 

Begging angels to back away 

Shadowboxing in the setting sunlight  

quickly turns a predator prey 

so I ask you... 


Repeat chorus 


 Verse 3 

I really wanna try and steady the ship 

I’d like to make a name for myself 

But this collision course was set in motion  

long ago by somebody else...  

so I say again...  


Repeat chorus


-The Joyous Dinosaur song-  


Verse 1 
you’re all I think about  

It’s never easy  

It’s starting to affect my point of view  

Not sure how to do without  

this meeting of the minds   

Not sure what I'm supposed to do  

Will you pay me some attention  

if I take a little time   

Or is this love affair just all inside my mind  



I can see there are so many  

different colors in your eyes  

I'm not sure how much more that I can take  

If I tell you that I love you  

will you stay with me tonight  

Or am I simply dreaming wide awake  


 Verse 2 

I need new strategy   

I need to open up   

I don’t see any other way  

Nowhere I’d rather be  

Just say you are the one  

I’d rather die alone than wait another day  

You and I were born and bred  

to paint this town the deepest red  

But you gotta pick up the phone  


Repeat Chorus 


And every time I think that you are real  

You disappear like any other fantasy  

And I become the very person  

that I promised myself I would never be  


Repeat chorus





Verse 1 
We tried to make it work as best we could 
It lasts a little longer than it should 
We both know you got the best of me 
Lately I been thinking, it's been on my mind 
Not really sure the punishment  

had fit the crime 
Grab your magic marker  

manifest your destiny



 This train full of passion and pain  

is taking people places 
 We can't help that we both see ourselves  

in old familiar faces please 
   Just close your eyes,  

relax your mind and come back to me 
   Slingshot, slingshot 


Verse 2 

The juries judge us by the time it takes 
Fresh coat of paint on all the same mistakes 
The landmines and the tan lines  

slowly start to fade away 
A paper tiger never understands 
Why it is the power’s always changing hands 

Wars of attrition  

never solve the problem anyway 


Repeat chorus 



I know it’s never really easy to see,  

when you are facing an impossible change 
But there’s a difference t’ween  

the end of your rope 

and a lack of an unlimited range 
Sometimes I feel like that you see me  

as a dreamer with my head in the clouds 
I‘d like to think that you would listen to me,   

that I could get myself together maybe 
Turn it all around

Repeat chorus 






Verse 1 

 You very well may be my destiny  

But our worlds are very different places  

You can come to me or I can come to you  

But I thing matters of the heart  

should only happen facing faces  

Sometimes I look up  

to the stars at night and wonder  

Is there anybody listening to me?



And I don’t know who you are  

But I’m falling like a star  

But is this love?  

Or is this just infatuation  

Everywhere I go  

You’re in songs on my radio  

Tell me is this love?  

Or is this just infatuation?  


 Verse 2 

You’re checkered past  

comes chasing after you 

As you’re sorting through

your second chances  

I would make the same mistakes again  

But it would have to be on different terms  

And under very different circumstances  

Sometimes I look up  

to the stars at night and wonder  

Is there anybody listening to me?


Repeat chorus 



We both know I will never be free  

Of this unexplainable sense of control

that you have over me  

Now that I’ve seen  

Just what all of your idiosyncrasies mean


Repeat chorus​ 




-Running out of Time- 


Verse 1 

I’m running out of time 

I wanna supercharge my story 

Wouldn’t you agree 

Most lives move just way to fast 


I’m running out of hope 

I shouldn’t have to explain exploring 

Maybe I can put a little twist 

Rise above this loneliness at last 

And you don’t always see it

falling down around you 



Wake up it’s a quarter to ten 

And I can see that worried look in your eyes 

Ain’t nobody gonna fend for me 

I gotta make this thing materialize 

You settle down by the tracks and you take it 

Nobody knows if their love is gonna make it 

I better hustle ‘cause it’s all I got 


Six down and eleven to go 

There’s just one more thing

that I wanted to know 

Will you ever be ready to commit to me 

Just a little more steady than it used to be 


I wanna have a little left when I’m older 

I could use another file for the folder 

Just a little off the top

and I’ll let you divvy it up 

You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone 


Verse 2 

I'm running out of time  

Some are saying it’s a perfect ending  

Would you say a little prayer  

Please don’t let this thing fall apart   

I'm running out of steam  

Have you ever seen a soul ascending  

Will it be enough  

For you to keep me deep inside your heart  

And you don't always see it  

falling down around you 


Repeat chorus 



 You call yourself a leader of men  

You say a lotta things  

You take us all for granted and then 

you crack a smile  

you crack the whip  

You’re shouting more more more   


Repeat chorus 




​ -You Instead of Me - 


Verse 1   

I'm not looking for apologies  

And I don't need a hand out  

Maybe just a little peace and understanding  

Find it in your heart to give me the benefit of the doubt 



I don't wanna get high  

I don't wanna be angry  

I don't wanna give up   

I'm really hoping to take advantage  

of this opportunity  

And I really wanted to witness  

The way things go when the timing's right   

I don't wanna get lost  

I don't wanna be lonely  

Never wanna forget  

That neither one of us ever chose  

this different destiny  

And the different directions   

You're always one step ahead of me  

Why’s it always you instead of me 


 Verse 2 

Such a different set of circumstances  

I really gotta learn  

to straighten up and fly right  

I live with all the risk and wrong directions  

And the consequences

of my rolling pair of dice


Repeat chorus  



I’ll save a brush and paint  

myself a sacred saint  

Trapped in every single corner of the room  

The cracks begin to show  

The way and now I know  

Who I am and just exactly what I have to do


Repeat chorus 



-I Still Love You Anyway- 


Verse 1 

Everybody has a weakness  

Knows what it's like to be ashamed  

How you carrying your consequences lately  



Why can't you see  

   What you’re doing to me  

   And I still love you anyway   

   There is no doubt  

   I figured you out  

   And I still love you anyway 


Verse 2 

And I watch you refuse your bigger picture  

Something else will surely come along  

It's never genuine this version of forgiveness


Repeat Chorus



Why are you holding me prisoner  

I've never felt so alone  

Tempting me  

tracking me  

labeling me  

I'm not something you own  

And you’ve got to tell me why  

you’d ever want to be  

The reason I’d start to lose my faith  

in this world


Repeat chorus




-Sleeping with the Enemy- 


Verse 1 

We are drifted out to sea alone  

We both know it in our hearts  

Here's hoping our minds

are strong enough to guide us home 



   A little something that you see in her eyes  

   When you’re sleeping with the enemy  

   You're never certain where your loyalty lies  

   When you’re sleeping with the enemy   


Verse 2 

All her trust in a familiar voice  

Depends on when you ask her  

But she'll say she's pretty sure  

she never had a choice  


Repeat chorus 



It was over in the blink of an eye  

I’d fallen victim to a company spy  

And we both knew that it was wrong   

(how long do we look the other way)  

Thought that it was something  

that I’d want at the time  

Funny how infatuation turns on a dime  

(infatuation makes you wanna  

turn your back on me)  

Looking back the problem was that   

There was something missing all along


Repeat Chorus  





-Caught Red Handed-  


Verse 1 

You're not at home  

So I throw caution to the wind  

I've got til almost 5 o'clock  

My ego tells me that this castle’s something  

I need not defend  

So I leave all the doors unlocked  



I been caught   

   I been caught red handed caught  

   Caught red handed caught   

   Caught red handed caught   

   I been caught red handed   


Verse 2 

Sometimes solitude’s  

a sanctuary in the sand  

Find myself in situations where  

I'm so focused on the finish line  

and on the task at hand  

I can’t hear you coming up the stairs  


Repeat Chorus 


Verse 3 

They say if you love somebody  

always let 'em go  

I'm pretty sure I disagree  

I'm infatuated  

and I'm not afraid to let it show   

I'll keep holding on to you  

if you keep holding on to me  


Repeat chorus 





-You Can Run but You Can’t Hide-  


Verse 1 

You’ll never gain traction, not by yourself   

When you need a reaction, I'm here to help   

I understand about your best laid plans and... 



You can run, but you can't hide   

   Couldn't get away, even if you tried   

   You can run,  

but baby you can't hide from me  


Verse 2 

Most love is manufactured  

Most love is by design   

Maybe once a little time goes by  

You will change your mind   

I understand about your best laid plans and...


Repeat chorus  



Run away …  

You should know me better  

 I just want what's best for you  

 Let's get through this together   

Build something special  

And it might take time  

But I promise you  

free will is just a state of mind   


Verse 3  

See you sitting by the staircase   

You always were the patient one   

Ropes and a reputation  

shouldn't make a difference in the long run   

I understand about your best laid plans and...   


Repeat chorus



-Better Man Than I Have Been-  


Verse 1 

The call came in this morning  

It hasn't gone the way we planned  

It seems this shadow we've been fighting  

Hasn't given in to our demands  



It's too late to say I'm sorry  

for the things that I have done  

   It's a shame but now I realize  

that I won't be the one  

   To walk our daughter down the aisle  

   Or standing right beside you when  

   You teach our son to try and be  

a better man than I have been 


Verse 2 

The smallest things seem so important  

Still so much I wanna do  

Sleeping late is feeling guilty  

The hourglass is stealing moments  

that I’d rather spend with you 


Repeat Chorus 


Verse 3  

Let's stay up and watch the sunrise  

Say all the things we never said  

Promise that we’ll take a million pictures  

To help you to remember  

how I looked at you and said  


Repeat chorus 


Verse 4  

Fear seems to keep it’s distance  

The more I hold you close  

But the only thing I'm afraid of  

Is leaving you exactly when  

you're needing me the most 


Repeat chorus 




-Your Version of the Truth- 


Verse 1 

Here we go again we’re learning to work   

Around the barbed wire fences  

Making allowances  

We’re not at home in our own residences  


You seem to think that it's all right   

You take your time and try to tear us apart   

And every other Friday night  

your guilty conscience to go 



   I learn to live with all the eccentricities that seem to work for you   

   Another year another milestone         

   Where once again we have to suffer through Your version of the truth  


Verse 2  

Another holiday another day in dodge  

Make it up as we go  

Navigate our way between  

the rutabaga knives  

And all the back hand flame throws  

You seem to think that it’s all right   

You take your time and try to tear us apart   

And every other Friday night  

Your guilty conscience to go  


Repeat Chorus   



Miss all the tradition   

Miss all of the ammunition 


Verse 3 

Half an hour in  

and we’re all wondering again   

Exactly where the day went  

Why must Maya always suffer through another one   

Of your most precious moments


Repeat Chorus ​ 




-Girl on a Train-  


Verse 1 

Shoulder to shoulder on a subway train   

Some days it really takes a toll   

I sit and watch the other passengers  

to pass the time   

Don’t really know you but I’ve seen your face   

And I can tell you’re barely hanging on   

It occurs to me that maybe  

we are not so different you and I   

I wish that I could summon up the courage

just to ask your name   

Can’t help but wonder  

if our lives aren’t turning out the same   

That’s when you look at me and all of a sudden...  


Chorus (abbrev.) 

Time stands still   

Everything is different in the blink of an eye   

Time stands still...  


Verse 2   

Sometimes I wonder where you go at night   

Are you looking at this harvest moon?   

Maybe it’s the distance  

that can make it such a sight to see   

Are you happy? Do you think of me?   

While you’re playing records in your room   

Tomorrow morning can’t get here  

nearly soon enough for me   


In my mind I’m walking over  

and I think of something smart to say   

But I know that in reality  

we’re still a half a world away   

And I can’t help but think  

the day will come when


Full chorus 

Time stands still   

Everything is different in the blink of an eye   

Time stands still   

Our love is burning brighter

than the stars in the sky   

Time stands still   

And you never really know  

what the future brings    

But ain’t it funny how  

the ticking of a clock changes everything   



I really wanna meet you  

but I think I better take some time  

There’s no way that you can live up  

to the girl inside my mind  

That’s when you look at me  

and all of a sudden  


Repeat full chorus 

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